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Ultramitre Blade Selection Tool

Ultramitre Blades with this 2 tooth cutting pattern produce outstanding results when cutting metal or wood. The cutting edge is more robust and can extend service life in abrasive Compo finishes, MDF & plywood substrates.

Choose a TC blade type for metal, wood and in short run quantities of styrene.

Ultramitre Blades with this 3 tooth cutting pattern produce superb results when cutting aluminum extrusions and wood mouldings alike. The 3 tooth configuration offers a more robust cutting edge combined with more effective chip removal as it is spread out over 3 teeth instead of 2.

Choose an XT blade type for metal, wood and in short-run quantities of styrene.

Ultramitre blades with this tooth pattern produce excellent results on:
  • Hard and Soft Woods
  • Lacquered, Stained or Painted Finishes
  • Compo or Ornate Finishes
  • Foil, paper, plastic or sensitive finishes.

Choose a -6 blade type for wood and in short-run quantities of styrene. Not for use in metal applications.

Ultramitre blades with this 2 tooth pattern produce perfect results when cutting poly styrene mouldings.

Choose an ST blade type for styrene applications only. Not for use in metal or wood applications.

Blades So Advanced, They Even Cut Your Overhead.

Since 1958, Ultramitre has been manufacturing the finest quality carbide miter blades in the world. It’s a big claim, and we proudly back it with state of the art manufacturing and the most stringent quality control standards in the industry. It’s how this family-run business built a reputation for superior performance over the last 5 decades. Every Ultramitre blade comes with a no-risk satisfaction guarantee.

Thousands of manufacturers worldwide use Ultramitre blades and sharpening products each and every day.  Our clients enjoy reduced component defects, less scrap and huge savings on touch-up labor.  With Ultramitre blade products, parts and services you can save money.  It’s that simple!

If precision, durability and “Made in the USA” means something to you, Ultramitre blades are an unbeatable choice. Along with this, we provide many Pistorius saw parts for Pistorius double miter saws.

We are here to help you!

We offer these products and services to benefit U.S. manufacturers. After all, at Ultramitre we know that profitable manufacturing and growth generate jobs, sustain families and bolster communities. To this end, we are here to help you!