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Mitre Saw Blades

Ultramitre is America’s #1 Source Of Picture Framing Miter Blades & Sharpening Services.

Blade Selection Info

As the industry leader, our expertise, high standards and tight quality control result in superior blade performance. It’s why Ultramitre customers say that our mitre blades and sharpening services consistently provide:

  • Cleaner, more accurate corners that are easier to join
  • Less chipping, which reduces touch-up labor, scrap and returned product
  • Extended performance between sharpening
  • Extended blade life prior to replacement
  • Overall reduced costs and increased production efficiency
    resulting in greater profitability

Blades So Advanced, They Even Cut Your Overhead.

Ultramitre saw blades are the industry’s #1 choice because they make perfect cuts with less chipping and splintering. So there is less wasted material and reduced patching, filling and sanding. This translates into big savings on time and materials.

Our blades offer this exceptional performance because they are specifically designed to cut picture frame moulding. Each blade is created using old-world craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology. The tips are made from the highest quality carbide, which makes them sharper and last much longer than other blades.

Highest Quality

Every blade passes stringent quality control tests to ensure proper flatness and grind accuracy, which further guarantees unbeatable performance.